Friday, November 02, 2007

Another Leap for Automotiv Industry - Corrosion Prevention Audit

Casting heavy financial effects and in-a-fix situation for equipment, corrosion is a devil that causes major degradation process. Even in developed countries the loss due to corrosion is quite high to the extent of 3% to 4% of GDP. In India also, an estimated loss of Rs.36000 crore (US $ 8 billion) occurs every year due to corrosion.

Corrosion of assets and environment degradation are issues which directly or indirectly rust an important area of each life, not only the material things. Corrosion makes components and structures in industry and infrastructures fail prematurely and cause significant economic losses. All metals corrode over time when exposed to moisture and in a tropical country like ours; the intensity of corrosion is very high at some places. The metals are subjected to the slow chemical attack due to high humidity, exhaust emissions, sunlight, seasonal temperature variations, industrial chemicals, etc.

To keep corrosion at bay, the industry needs to pay due attention to maintenance of the plant and equipment. On a serious note, if neglected, the damage inflicted by this devil, named corrosion, can go so far as to necessitate the complete replacement of the installation. At times, this can lead to sudden burdening of the company with non-planned investment, besides, production outage and, consequently, considerable financial losses along with other far-reaching consequences. Strict vigil and timely action through regular corrosion prevention audits can only avert the hazard. these audits that asses every accept of rusting and corrosion initiating aspects, is a great leap in thge direction of corrrosion prevention.


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