Monday, November 05, 2007

They asked what is freedom to me…

Not only the existence of a human being makes him alive… it’s his freedom to be himself – to express himself, to do what he believes in. Being a social animal, of course, this freedom comes with a share of rights and duties. But being an Indian woman the word freedom has a different meaning to me. More so, as many-a-times a woman in India is deprived of the essence of word ‘freedom.’ Forget about the freedom to do what she wants, she is not even allowed to express herself in matters concerning her own life. Be it education, employment, marriage or other issues, she often dwells in the shadow of her parents, guardians, brothers; ages as the responsibility of her husband and die as a dependable on her children, actually sons only. Somehow the facet of modern India is witnessing a swift change, with the rural India yet to evolve.
I call myself a privileged soul, being born in a family that is liberal and has made me to enjoy the freedom to carve my own way, take decisions, voice issues and also the responsibility of mistakes I made. I realize the importance of this freedom bestowed by my family and urbane society with a great sense of responsibility. Be it the society that I am part of or the professional world; freedom cannot be defined without a set of responsibilities.
When a woman seeks freedom her self-responsibility increasing by manifolds. The limitations are must to be self-imposed while enjoying the liberalities. Recently news-screens flashed a story of a young girl employee with Wipro, Pune, being raped and killed by a cab driver. This horrendous incident again reminds that we women live in a society where the freedom exists within defined boundaries only.

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