Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No place for violence in futuristic governments

Ideally there isn’t, and will never be, any room for violence in the world… but ironically, we all are living with it, facing it, and continuously complaining it…
Playing devil’s advocate to envision a better, peaceful world, we all accept nonviolence, yet lack in its implementation. Only panacea to violence is common, all governments’ need to make sincere efforts to address the basic human needs: hunger, shelter and employment. When a person is deprived of either of these, anger – a common human trait – is triggered. In a developed economy like United Kingdom, the gravity of homelessness and related issues say it all. Whatever case may be, if violence occurs, must be criticized there and then as a shameful failure to implement nonviolent tools for settling disputes and achieving ends.
Futuristic governments must also refrain from political moves and motives that give birth or support violence. In addition, governments should renounce the right of their internal police or of anyone else to use violence in any situation. Costa Rica has taken a giant leap in this direction by formally renouncing the right to defend itself, much less to attack others. It exemplifies governance through no violence; for rests all governments to follow. Even Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution – Renunciation of War – is equally inspiring but hardly goes as far as should have.
Even in current scenario, defining a nation’s strength in terms of the national territory is a passé with power becoming synonymous to economic health and growth of a country. Drawing sped-fast changing curves, ever-evolving economic world is highly competitive. Your say in the international political community is in direct proportion to one parameter, economic health of your nation. And, that’s what the futuristic governments will be mainly strategizing.
Liberalization, privatization and globalization have swept the entire globe, changing the facade of not only the world economy, also of the international politics. Global empathy is increasing as global village is evolving every second with mushroom growth of MNCs. They bear corporate responsibility of striving for better living standards internationally. This global connect is strong and meshed across continents. People belong to one international community, living in harmony and working in synchronization across waters irrespective of varied backgrounds and ethnicity. What is common is the zeal of mankind to progress.
And, special thanks to internet and e-commerce for dissolving the boundaries. With cyber world’s development – e-commerce, blogging and chat there is no room for virtual boundaries. Across the globe be connected in just few seconds. The increase in communication between the people of different nations has made the international public strongly connected and voiced. Virtual trade and friendship across the globe is connecting people like never before. So the global village demands respective governments to pay heed to not only progress of respective country, rather of the international community vis-à-vis of the mankind with no room for violence.
When we talk of international community, it’s not only the economic progress or tackling human violence; futuristic governance demands the handshake between all governments for global governance of environment. Or else, with signals like melting ice caps of Alaska, the very existence of mankind is in question. Recent reports from Greenland show outlet glaciers moving meters per hour and rapidly thinning. To address the consequent ecological changes and natural challenges like global warming, green house effect and depleting fossil reserve, etc. we need to pool in our resources and expertise for combating and curbing at least predictable natural havoc for the existence of mankind.


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