Thursday, June 08, 2006

Youthful biz

Awakened youth

Time and again youth has been innocently blamed for fundo-fundas, immature aggression and recklessness. In an effort to put up a positive image, somehow Gen-Y seems have channelised energy over a period as a sizeable chunk is not only engaged in studies but also making quick bucks by taking up part-time jobs.

Thanks to this era's novel employment avenues like BPO and IT industry for extending ample of opportunities even to inexperienced graduates and under-graduates. It has also instigated a drive: 'Don't waste your youth in growing up!' along with a rational approach to hard work whether for more pocket money, experience or just simple peer pressure.

A new 'go-getter' approach to life is developing among our future generation. As a sizeable chunk of young blood are managing the two fronts: studies and jobs simultaneously, it's evident that generation Y appears to have grown in terms of maturity and responsibilities faster than generation X.

Nishu student of bachelors of humanities and vocational cosmetology diploma is working at a leading multi-national saloon in the city. Till 11.30 am, it's college and then upto 8 pm bridal make-ups and hairdos that keep her occupied.Nishu says, "It's hectic but family and teachers are co-operative and encouraging enough. They keep my spirits high." Initially, she started with summer job as she wanted practical experience but her lecturers suggested to continue with the job. Nishu adds, "They asked me to get good grade along with it. Keeping up the promise I managed distinction, so there's no problem."

For another smart earner, 19-year-old teeny campus-goer named Vikram Benial, son of a government employee, sustaining a decent lifestyle is not a question but to enjoy the luxuries is. But all that seemed to be at an arms length when he got a break at a Chandigarh-based BPO. Vikram says, "Today or tomorrow I have to work. The early you realize your responsibilities, the better it is." Ask him if it's difficult to manage his schedule, he rejoins, "But it's worth it! Not only I enjoy my salary but also the company of my age mates at work. Moreover, when I will apply for higher studies I will gain weightage due to this experience."

Ferns 'n' Petals

A beam of excitement appears to cast a persuasive financial effect of charismatic flowers when it comes to floral biz. It’s seems to be charmed with mystical blows.

Supporting this unrivalled truth, Preetinder Kaur, discovered an incredible way of blooming financially by deliver adorable bouquets and choco-box round the world, joining the bandwagon of the Ferns-n-Petals. “Sitting far way from your loved ones, no one minds to spend on alluring flowers that can always win a billion dollar smile to much-loved ones, be it your beloved, a friend in distress or a your family,” Preetinder explains.
In this hi-tech era, besides, e-business is quiet paying, besides, operating locally, provided you have the right contacts. “On the Mother’s Day, we received around 50 orders from outstation. Similarly, one can place an order on our company website to send flowers and greetings to anybody across the globe,” Preetinder boasts.

A connoisseur in the arena of style with a degree in fashion designing, she believes in the concept of flowers on anything to everything. To open a retail outlet of Ferns and Petals, it involved a total investment of Rs 8 lakh that my family helped me out with. Preetinder adds, “It’s all been a family affair. My brother, Harisharan Singh, and hubby- Harinder Singh - stood besides me till the inauguration of this showroom done buy my grandpa- Hardeep Singh,” she said.

It demands a lot of commitment; there is a team of trained gardeners from Delhi who come up with innovating ideas and give a fresh look to the displays after few days. “Being practical, we try to save on the overheads locally, as our driver manages the deliver or sometimes even my husband, who has been a strong support, has to be bothered for odd time deliverance,” she adds.
Bonding people from corner to corner via contemporary dry and fresh flowers clubbed with props like a candle stand, a glass tube or even a mini cycle, the Ferns-n-petals also has lot of style statement attached to it. “We use a combination of stuff like tinted broom sticks, pebbles, Fenshui lucky bamboos, and stuff toys to enhance the arrangement,” she adds.
With a variety of flora around, there is much to roses and gladiolas. “People need to be updated with what latest. It’s not about necessity, rather about desire to live it up.”

Whose's being 'Banglored'!!!

Bangloring implies world’s envy, India’s pride and refers to booming IT and ITS sectors in the country

‘You got your job banglored’ this phrase has found its space among slang comments worldwide. ‘Bangloring’ actually talks of the world’s envy and India’s pride…Not because it refers to India’s Silicon Valley – Banglore – but to the booming IT and ITES sectors in the country.

A person is said to be ‘banglored’ when he loses a job because his work has been outsourced to Banglore or any other Indian city. However, every time Indian IT gurus overhear ‘bangloring,’ it brings a sense of achievement to them.

In this global community, whosoever is capable of providing the best of industry will gain business. Prena Kalra, the human resource executive of Quark, Mohali, says, “Coinage of this terminology itself says all about the Indian IT and ITES sector. It’s a positive sign for the Indian economy.”

Recounting an interesting incident that took place during a trip to Europe, the chairman of Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council for Punjab, Harjinder Singh Kahlon says, “On a recent business trip to Bavaria when I found inquisition about the BPO industry there, a senior officer refused to provide me with details. He was afraid that we Indians might attract offshore companies to our country, offering a better bargain.”

The Bavarian officer’s reservations didn’t bother him, rather he took it as a compliment. Proud Harjinder further demands help from the government to take our country forward in this prospering arena of technology. He adds, “We have gained on outsourcing because of cost-effectiveness, quality and talent pool. But there’s room for more development. The government should boost research and development in the IT sector by facilitating with economical incubation centers.”

While many IT players are boasting of national goals, others are busy checking bank balance as the smart souls are minting dollars sitting here in India. What a business sense!
Meet general manager of BPO Sachitel Communications, Jaswinder Singh, Chandigarh, who does not believe in leaving motherland for money. He quips, “You make a mark if you earn in dollars and spend in rupees. That’s saving, and we take pride being leaders in such a business through outsourcing.”

LPG Trend in internatonal business

Globalisation is not a single phenomenon. It has become a catch-all concept to describe a range of trends and forces leading to openness, integration and interdependence of economies. In short LPG Process -Liberlisation, privatisation and globalisation.
Estimates are presented for economic damages, ranging from agricultural losses and sea level rise to loss of forests, water scarcity, electricity requirements for air conditioning, and several other major effects. The study concludes with a cost- benefit estimate for international action and a discussion of policy measures to mobilize the global response.
This has lead to intergration of economies worldwide where economy is viewed as a single market even at the macro 'global' level. Production area is regional or sub-sectors rather than a set of national economies linked by trade and investment flows.

Cross border operations of economic activities – production, investment, financing, technology utilisation and marketing.
Optimal utilisation of global resources including competitive sourcing of inputs for achieving cost competitiveness in production, economies of scale in operations and efficient technology utilisation.
Easy movement of product and factor flows across borders involving merchandise trade, services, investment, financial capital, technology and labour.
The internationalisation of consumption – consumers are buying more foreign products.
Competition, production and markets become global in nature and goods and services become less distinguishable or identifiable with their country of origin.
At the firm level, globalisation would refer to a process in which firms configurate and coordinate their activities across national boundaries in order to maximise profit and remain competitive.
The economic circumstances and factors that spur globalisation and liberalisation is enhanced efficiency in production made possible by increased specialisation. Besides, Improvements in transport, communication and information technology networks have led to lower cost of transactions and of doing business globally This has created new ways to organise firms at global level.
Increased production levels due to better exploitation of economies of scale made possible by the increased size of the market.
Greater worldwide acceptance and commitment to the free trade principle and market economy and dismantling of planned economies.
Easy movement of factors of production across national borders. This had facilitated firms to locate different parts of their production process in different countries.