Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ditched Prince Rescued, Hats Off to Indian Army, Media

Gujarat Quake, J&K havoc, Tsunami… during these testing times India has been blamed of showing a long face as far as the disaster management is concerned. But this time they did it for Prince, a young 5-year-old boy from Kurukshetra.

The boy trapped in a pit, for more than two days was rescued on his birthday---July 23---by army soldiers in a drama that gripped the nation. Hats off to the Indian Army!! And of course for media for necessary intervention that made us realize that how precious every life is. Zee News not only threw its camera into the ditch to comfirm that Prince is okay, but also sponsored his education. Rest of the media community came up with full support by interrupting their regular schedule and keeping a horse view focus on the lad in trouble.

On the day of his birthday, probably it was a new lease of life for Prince. I was traveling from Delhi to my hometown---Chandigarh for weekend retreat when on way at Krukshetra around 10.30 pm we faced a traffic jam. There was a mass gathering. Totally unaware of the crisis (as I straightaway started for office), for me it was a usual political rally or some Swamijis pravachan (address). On steeping into the house, I was zapped as none of my family reacted with usual warmth, very unlike other weekly reunions… Something was wrong… On enquiring---“What’s the matter?” With a stare asking blatantly if I am coming from Mars, Dad rejoined, “Poor Prince is still in that one foot circumferenced by 60-feet deep ditch. How can they leave such a dangerous ditch just covered with a gunny bag. How foolish!!! Even police has given up. But look at these soldiers, dear. By tomorrow morning he is expected to be out safe and sound!” I couldn’t believe what he said and joined my peers in the TV lobby until next evening.

What’s came to light as shear negligence of the authorities a that made a little kiddo who was busy playing in the verandah landed into a big time trouble. Police gave up… panchayat gave up… but our jawans didn’t bat an eyelid, remaining up! awake! and alert for 50 hours at a stretch, struggling to save the kid with exceptional will power or as they say it unaware of the gravity of the problem.

Not only the nation joined hands, remained glued to the television sets, and prayed together be it Hindus, Muslims, Christains, Parses, or Sikhs but also the international community, especially Holland, joined in for this little lad who had a narrow escape.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Expanding World Economy Shrinking to Globalization

What has lead to integration of economies worldwide cannot be just a simple, single phenomenon? From the angle of ‘globalization,’ world economy cannot be bifurcated. It has to be viewed as a single market even at the macro 'global' level. This beautiful vast concept that has come to the shore after the signing of WTO in April 1990, can best be compared to a string of multi-colored beads that has incorporated different flowering economic divisions round the seven seas together. The International Monetary Fund defines globalization as a “historical process” involving “the increasing integration of economies around the world, particularly through trade and financial flows.” (“Globalization: Threat or Opportunity?” January 2002.)

“Globalization and deregulation of finance capital had happened so fast and so massively and so recklessly as well that more than stable investment for productive activity and trade, what was experienced was huge flow of destabilizing speculative capital. By 1990, it became the very force driving the world economy.” (Sundaram, N M. May 2006.)
It has become a catch-up concept to describe a range of trends and forces leading to openness, integration and interdependence of economies. In short, LPG process—liberalization, privatization and globalization—has engulfed the earth, ignoring the international boundaries to quiet an extent.

Cost- benefit estimate and discussion of policy measures to mobilize the global response is a routine for economists that can never be termed as mundane with minute-to-minute new developments. They cannot afford to ignore it as these days production area is not regional or sub-sectoral, rather it’s a set of national economies linked by trade and investment flows.

“… the convergence of technology and events that allowed India, China, and so many other countries to become part of the global supply chain for services and manufacturing, creating an explosion of wealth in the middle classes of the world's two biggest nations, giving them a huge new stake in the success of globalization? And with this 'flattening' of the globe, which requires us to run faster in order to stay in one place, has the world got too small and too fast for human beings and their political systems to adjust in a stable manner?” (Friedman, Thomas. April 2005.)

What’s important is optimal utilization of global resources including competitive sourcing of inputs for achieving cost competitiveness in production, economies of scale in operations and efficient technology utilization. Easy movement of product and factor flows across borders involving merchandise trade, services, investment, financial capital, technology and labor. Competition, production and markets become global in nature and goods and services become less distinguishable or identifiable with their country of origin.

Besides, improvements in transport, communication, e-commerce and information technology networks have led to lower cost of transactions and of doing business globally. This has created new ways to organize firms at global level. This macro-process can be narrowed at the micro level of firms. At the independent firm level LPG process means configuration and coordination of activities across national boundaries in order to maximize profit and remain competitive. That’s how the MNC (multi-national companies) culture has been popularized. What exactly has moved the economic circumstances and factors that have spurt the globalization and liberalization is enhanced efficiency in production made possible by increased specialization. In all this, “Information technology (IT) was key to the superior overall macroeconomic performance of the United States in the 1990s—high productivity, high growth, low inflation, and low unemployment. But IT also played a role in increasing earnings.” (Mann, Catherine L; (assisted by) Kirkegaard, Jacob Funk. June 2006.) Easy movement of factors of production across the globe has facilitated MNC firms to locate different parts of their production process in various countries that has made possible the increase in production levels due to better exploitation of economies of scale.

It has resulted in greater worldwide acceptance and commitment to the free trade principle and market economy along with dismantling of planned economies. Though the economic field has increased but the polarizations of organized and unorganized has worsened the scene, increasing the disparity between the two. The idea of “Global Development Network, a global network of research and policy institutes working together to address the problems of national and regional development, was conceived and launched by the World Bank in 1999 at its first annual conference in Bonn.” (
As John Nichols has observed (“One Dead, Eighty Injured in Genoa,” The Nation, July 2001.) “The economic policies promoted by the [G8] leaders...are now so unpopular that gatherings must be 'protected' with deadly police violence... .If the croupiers of corporate capital really believe that restructuring the global economy to limit protections for workers, the environment, and human rights represents a positive development, why must they employ deadly force to defend the meetings at which they plot their warped vision of ‘progress’?”

The requirement is of handshake between the global giants to carry forward the small-scale industries in the developing countries, while on the other end, most developed and transitional countries face daunting economic and social problems ranging from persistent unemployment to massive public deficits to unregulated immigration. The problem is as big as the magnitude of globalization demanding immediate attention and consensus of the global community.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Smart e-commerce solutions for online bussiness

Everything About Online Business...

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Rule the world at your click….Not kidding man! With the advent of internet, globalization has opened endless online business opportunities. Grab the one that’s right one for you! The speedy and easy connectivity around the globe has revolutionized the online global trade as the busiest business district the world has ever had. Besides being an efficient way of communicating with your present clients it’s a mode of reaching out to all potential customers. E-commerce has turned internet into an international marketplace to sell your products and services.

Name even a single reputed brand or entrepreneur that has chosen not to be present online. Even small entrepreneurs like writers, florists, doctors or the bigwigs in trade and industries like real estate agents, travel agencies to sedan companies….Everybody is making best of the opportunities extended by the internet business. They just follow the thumb rules of e-commerce internet solution. Even educational institutes and internationally reputed universities are offering online diplomas and degrees. Thus, extending their horizons round the globe. Well! You can be the next one. Who knows if you are the next online king…

You don’t need anything more than a computer and business idea. Then while enjoying a cuppa coffee at home, you can simultaneously crack an exciting deal online. Now, are you bothered about transactions? Oh! Stop scratching your brain. Don’t worry at all! You are living in the novel era of smart plastic money where people just credit your bank account or send money through Paypal and Western Union.

Well! Now what are you waiting for…Catch hold of a good web-designer to be on the list of offer a top-selling product website. Your website can be the perfect showcase for people to obtain information about your company and products.

Remember, being a part of internet business, you are no more tied to your office space, rather can operate from anywhere and everywhere. Physical infrastructure is of least importance. You just need to invest maximum on the quality and content as without a good product and services, the effort will be just a waste of time. As here we are talking of the international competitors. Who knows a potential customer is sitting at the other end of the world!

Once your website becomes popular, you also earn through the advertisements that your portal bags. Still, this website should be more than advertising portal. Even small, home-based consultancy internet businesses can be operated successfully and profitably.

Business Idea
Jumping into the foray of this new-age smart commerce called internet business is simple as simple as a cakewalk. The beauty of this trade is, you don’t need fat investments, although it is not realistic to expect to do it for free, rather invest your energy on jotting down a great internet business idea. Knowledge of e-commerce internet solution for business can be an added advantage. It’s it amazing that with such minimum infrastructure you can start your known internet business.

Easy links
Bear in mind that starting your own internet business is not difficult, provided you have a good website. Keep it simply decent with easy links. It must be regularly updated with all minute details. It's the only bridge between you and your potential customer. So, be smart to take full advantage of the Internet's capability of interactive shopping and globally convenient access.

To keep a tab on your business what you all need is a computer and high speed internet facility…That's the key for
e-commerce! Try to grab the maximum internet business info regarding your field through search engines to face the cut throat competition and start working on your website.

Virtual Sample of Product
Give your visitors enough of a sample of your products, they will be able to contact you for others. Nothing speaks better than quality. Just offer the best of quality that you can provide. It will ensure good relationship with the customers. If you have products to sell it is imperative that you give them some way to either buy the product online or get more information in preparation to buying the product.

Say, you are selling houses with a beautiful lakeview. You can incorporate photographs of the houses with contact information and price per square inch for each villa. This will help the potential buyers to decide if they can afford to buy provided you offer an online mortgage calculator.

The gist is – ‘anything that can help individualize the experience will improve the response from your visitors.’ Rest, you have to maintain you standards and credibility. That's the vital rule of the e-commerce internet solution for business.

Promoting your online business
If you're afraid of struggling with the basics of how to put together and promote an online business, you owe it to yourself to visit some very exceptional internet business mentoring sites listed on search engines, where you can learn internet marketing strategy and have a chance to earn while you learn e-marketing.

There are four general types of internet businesses that you can start:

• A portal that sells digital products.
• selling digital products.
• shipping tangibles.
• A business to business and/or service-selling website.

In addition to the above, you can also start either an affiliate marketing business, or can do network marketing online. In both cases, you can start and run these types of online businesses with or without a website.

For most people, the best place to start is to get some good training in online affiliate marketing, since the skills also apply to Network Marketing online, and to selling your own products or services. You can learn some good affiliate marketing secrets here.

Customer Base
Every website you own should include a form where visitors can give you their email address. Of course, only a small percentage of visitors will share that information, but those who do can be developed into future customers and repeat visitors. On the top of each page in this website you will see a form used to establish a mailing list.

For your office correspondence take a separate e-mail account. Be prompt to every query. You need to give your visitors and potential customers something to do, some way to interact with you and your website. Of course, the minimum and most common way to do this is to provide an email address so you can be contacted by email either directly or through a form. Amazingly, some websites do not even make that small gesture.

Where have the vultures gone?

What has decimated the population of vultures is a big question in front of zoologists and other researchers as its disturbing the food chain. though they have been trying there level best to save the species by providing good breeding ground yet the vultures are today under the category of endangered species play an essential ecological role as garbage collectors and recyclers.

This imbalance is affecting the ecological balance. About nine species of vultures live in the Indian subcontinent, and each has a specific ecological role. The void is filled by wild dogs and rats.

Researchers’ vulture study may be over—not because they have solved the mystery, rather because vultures no more remain in significant number on the planet required to carry out a study.

The vulture population is declining drastically due to many reasons, including the veterinary use of drug diclofenac. There are other views about this declining population of vultures. A wildlife conservator of Forests department believes that this decline might be due to scarcity of food for the scavangers as people prefer to bury or burn the corpse of animals, especially cattle, from the hygiene point of view. Hence, the vultures have to depend upon carcass of stray animals.

As the vulture population hovers on the brink of extinction, the India government has embarked on a plan to breed the nature’s scavengers in captivitywith the special permission to capture vultures.

In a forest cover in the foothills of the Himalayas, near Chandigarh researchers have just opened a Vulture Care Center. There they will care for sick vultures and try to identify what's killing these species.
When ill, the birds drop their heads and progressively become more lethargic. The center maintains labs, large aviaries and individual "hospital" aviaries for sick birds that will be monitored by closed-circuit television—an unobtrusive way to monitor the people-shy birds.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hydrogen cars… No petrol!! No diesel!!

Pollution free, renewable car fuel
What's the first think you wish on hitting the road, especially if stuck in a jam is blame round the world's love affair with the fuel-hungry SUVs. Using hydrogen and fuel-cell technologies is a key part of bringing down greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change. Fuel cell systems offer a promising technology of the future with advantages that include zero emissions, high efficiency and minimal noise.
—No global warming… no ozone depletion… no acid rain… and 100% pollution free environment—is the utmost need to save our environment. I think God has been now kind to accept the endless prayers of all of us. No kidding man! He has already answered it through the genius scientist who have developed Hydrogen Car… It's a lightweight vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell with enough style and space to compete with luxury sport utility vehicles (SUVs).
These cars generally use the hydrogen in one of two methods: combustion or fuel-cell conversion. In combustion, the hydrogen is "burned" in engines in fundamentally the same method as traditional gasoline cars. In fuel-cell conversion, the hydrogen is turned into electricity through fuel cells which then power electric motors.
What’s more you wanna ask about hydrogen cars… These hydrogen cars come in the clean, "green" future envisioned by energy experts, cars not only get 99 miles per gallon emissions-free, but they may also play a key role in providing electricity to a power-hungry world.
Vehicle developed would be three to four times more expensive than the conventional two- or three-wheeler and the cost of operation would also be more. But as the technology develops, the cost is expected to come down substantially.
The governments world over are helping fund the research for development of hydrogen using renewable sources in place of the present dependence on coal or natural gas. It is also being produced as a by-product in chemical and fertiliser industries.
The new 5 KW fuel cell hydrogen vehicles will usher in a new generation in fuel cell technology. The hydrogen needed to fuel these vehicles can be produced by means that would lower reliance on f oil supplies and thus, provide energy security. Emitting only heat and water as by-products of this process, the fuel cell systems are environment friendly and can run continuously as long as fuel is supplied. Each recharge currently gives around 70 km mileage. Attempts are also on to increase the mileage of the hydrogen vehicle to 100-150 km per recharge.
Hydrogen cars use hydregen derived from water as primary source of power for locomotion. British Columbia’s leadership in the development of hydrogen and fuel-cell technologies, and builds on the commitment to have the world’s first hydrogen highway developed in time for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games,” said Richard Neufeld, British Columbia’s Minister of Energy and Mines.
R. John Efford, Minister of Natural Resources Canada. “By working together, we can make sure Canada continues to be known as a world leader in putting these technologies on the road.” The Government of Canada has invested $4.5 million in this project. No global warming or ozone depletion, renewable, no acid rain, 100% pollution free.
In India, the ministry of non-conventional energy sources (MNES) is hopeful of having hydrogen-driven vehicles on Indian roads by 2007 with International Tractors Ltd (ITL) having agreed to undertake commercial production. "With ITL, which manufactures Sonalika brand of tractors, having agreed to undertake commercial manufacture of two- and three-wheeler hydrogen vehicles developed by the Banaras Hindu University (BHU), we hope to have them available by 2007," said S K Chopra, senior advisor in MNES. BHU has been using 50 demo vehicles in its campus for the last several years. While development of affordable hydrogen fuel cell vehicles using renewable sources of energy still remains a target for a large number of countries including India, the vehicle developed by the BHU uses metal hydrite or solid rods to store hydrogen, an environment friendly fuel. The ministry has finalized the hydrogen roadmap that envisages India generating 1,000 MW power and one million hydrogen driven vehicles on the roads by 2020 with an estimated investment of Rs 2500 crore. The roadmap is to be part of the integrated energy policy being finalized Reva Electric Car Company Pvt Ltd (RECC) and Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) will develop two fuel cell hydrogen vehicles (FCVs) for a pilot project initiated by IOC, to develop hydrogen economy in India. According to the agreement, RECC will use its expertise to build these hydrogen vehicles with fuel cell power modules and associated components to be sourced from abroad and IOC will provide the infrastructure needed to supply and stock hydrogen and to test the vehicles at its Research and Development (R&D) centre in Faridabad.