Sunday, August 21, 2005

Investing in commodity trading

Bhupinder Kohli
If someone prudently advices you to invest in pepper, cotton, dry mango, metals or bullion in one breath, you may laugh it off. But with the multi-commodity market witnessing a boom, it deserves a sincere thought. Though the virtual multi-commodity market is larger than the physical one, it widely accepted as an option for price risk management. “By investing just five per cent of the deal, you can strike a contract,” says Gulmohar Singh, who invests in the commodity trading. You can generally book forward for a period of one month to four months, whenever the market is in your favour just get the best bargain. “It’s beneficial for all segments of players ranging from producers, traders and processors to exporters/importers and end-users of a commodity.”On the account of large-scale participations of entities associated with different value chains, future trading in commodities results in transparent and fair price discovery. “Most of the investors are interested in speculation with the shield of hedging. One marks a certain price beyond which he will not keep his share of commodity. Due to the price risk management, it’s a safer investment option than share market,” says V Kumar, a city based member of MCX, Sector 17. “In past two years the market has grown to national 7,000 crore per day. Internationally, the commodity trading enjoys 20,000 crore world over, that is four times than the stock market,“ he adds.. An informed investor is always at a gain. So, keeping a keep a watch at the market fluctuations and factors affecting them is always an added advantage. In Punjab and Haryana, besides, gold and silver, the investors are pretty interested in agro products. And even steel is in demand due to proximity to the physical market that exist in Mandi Gobindgarh. “With the monsoon showers arriving in the end of June, the big farmers have already booked their stock for coming four months here,” Kumar adds.Most of the investor would speculate, and buy or sell without physical transaction being made. However, there is always a provision for delivery in commodity futures trading to ensure that the future prices are in conformity with the underlying. The option for delivery is normally with the seller; the buyer/seller has to express his intention for delivery about five to seven days before the expiry.The Forward Market Commission (FMC) regulates commodity futures/forward trade in India. The commission was set up under the Forward Contracts (Regulation) Act of 1952. The FMC is headquartered in Mumbai while its regional office is located in Kolkata. Most of the physical markets exist in Mumbai and Delhi while certain specific markets do exist at other places also like at Hapur for mustard, rubber at Kochi and Kotium.The national level multi-commodity exchanges are: National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd, Ahmedabad (NMCE)-- Indore (N-BOT) National Commodity and Derivative Exchange, Mumbai (NCDEX)-- Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd, Mumbai (MCX) Following commodities in various categories are expected to be available for trading through both the exchanges • Bullion: gold and silver Oil and oil seed: castor, soya, rape/mustard oil, crude palm oil, RBD palmolein • Grains and pulses: wheat and rice • Soft commodities: cotton, sugar, coffee • Spices and plantation: pepper and rubber Other commodities like aluminum, tea, groundnut, copra, gur (jagery)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Build your dream house

Your monthly rent can build you your dream home. All you need is a home loan !Home Loan ! A dream of owning a house can be easily realised as financial institutions are offering a range of home loan services at doorstep. “As home for each one has been shifted to the priority sector. For housing financial institutions, the customer remains the king. Reasonable rate of interest along with good customer services is a customer’s prerogative. Moreover, income rebate on the amount of interest you pay is another advantage that may even reduce your tax slab.”To turn your castle in air in to a reality you need to be smart enough to strike a wise deal by carefully analysing certain parameters that a financial institution has to offer. It is certainly difficult to get the best in each of the following parameters and therefore some sort of compromise will need to be done on the basis of your priorities...
Our comparator will demystify home loan schemes offered by few financial institutions, explaining and simplifying the procedures and the necessary paperwork as we go along, so that you can make an informed choice about which home loan is best suited for you. Foreclosure chargesYou must always compare the effective interest rate after taking into account all upfront fees and the manner of interest calculation. i.e. daily, monthly or annual reducing. “Even if two financial institutions offer same rate of interest, the one with the daily reducing interest calculation will be a better option,” informs O B Sharma, a city based bank employee. Pre-Payment Charges - certain housing financial institutions charge prepayment charges when you decide to prepay your loan either in part or in full.Processing Fees - You will need to pay the processing fee at the time of submission of application. Administrative Fees on the loan amount approved is charged. This varies from one HFI to another.Credit Documents that HFIs insist before approving your loan would differ from one HFI to another. Max age of property at the time of application - If you are buying a property on resale, this parameter would be an important one as HFIs may have a limit on the age of the property at the time of disbursing the loan.Some HFIs charge certain prepayment charges when you decide to prepay your loan either in part or in full.
Foreclosure charges Rate of Interest EMI Service at your doorstep Simple documentation and speedy processing No charges on partial prepayments No guarantors required

Speed dating ading romance in dull dinjins' life

Bhupinder Kohli
Born in the fast track commercial era, Gen Y, due to paucity of time is smart enough to pursue every event in a planned fashion to save on time. This hip hop generation doesn’t believe in waiting for the cupid to strike, rather experiencing the most beautiful emotion for someone special, confessing heart felt feelings, and even fixing a date just happens in a few minutes. As the world's most stylish lifestyle service of speed dating for singles is here to take every eligible bachelor and spinster ablaze, it’s the latest fad to catch on offering an exciting and quick opportunity to meet singles in a non-pressured way. “Three minutes is all it takes to discover if you've found true love - or someone truly awful,” is what one of the proponents of speed dating has to say. You just need to sign in your details at one of the online speed dating sites. “The whole concept of going for pre-dates, in a cool ambience, is exciting enough, and who knows you may land meeting your Miss Right,” chortles Rahul, a college student. “Three minutes to meet one person, ten people in 30 minutes, twenty if you do it twice a week and forty in a month. That is a lot of ‘new’ people to meet for any single person! Especially if you are checking out each of these 40 people you meet as the prospective love of your life, or for ‘friendship,” this statistics student adds. Sneha Sharma, a call centre employee believes that even in day-to-day life crushes we go by instinct. The same can be applied here. Just substantiate your intuitive hunch.On the D-day, after a few minutes interaction with one interest, the ding dong bell rings, and it’s time to move on to the next date. Participants are asked to write on a form if they would be interested in seeing the person again. A number of mini-dates are followed by some more time to hunt your beloved in the chill out 15-20-minute break-time. Besides enjoying appetizers, you can meet many lonely souls that you've had eyed on but might not meet have met them due to numerous attendees. Well! Don’t forget to write down the names of the people you meet during intermission on your score card. The organizers let participants know within 48 hours which matches have been made, and give each side the other's email address, or email address and phone numberYes, if you don't meet someone special in the first time around, the organiser has number of events lined up, attracting around 50-90 per cent new faces each time. Some companies are nice enough to keep track of the database, in order to prevent you from signing up for a party where there are a high number of attendees that you have met previously. So, better luck next time.

Did you suffer love at first sight

Bhupinder Kohli
Numerous hearts have claimed that the cupid stuck them just as they exchanged looks, something clicked and love flashed in the air. “At a glance of Pinky I disclosed aloud to myself – she’s the one I had been waiting for!” discloses Rajat Chopra, 24. “Yeah! It’s the love at first sight,” he titters.Love at first sight depends on our psychological state at the moment. Many a times we won’t even notice those fascinating eyes, but at some moment they’ll mean the world to us. “I think the 30 seconds theory of falling in love or precisely speaking to estimate whether the person is worth to fall in love with happened with us,” Pinky, 23, adds. Experts say that our ideals, intuition, fast logic, instinct and imagination all play their role in laying the trap of the love at first sight. When you fall in love, you are usually ready and willing to experience the rib-tickling emotion. Of course! the appearance, voice, gestures and odour of the dream-flower gal/guy act as the deciding factors. By the way some theories say that we fall in love not from the first sight but from the first smell. Scientist claim that we pay much attention to what our eyes and ears tell us but on the subconscious level the way the person smells play a very big part in his or her expression on us although we don’t recognize it.If you suddenly fall in love with quiet unknown person and can feel the same fire on the other side, then the mother-nature has chosen a partner for you. In this case, it is like “Aha, match!” But when someone happens to fill up all the necessary categories like tall, blond, blue-eyed, looks good, has a style and mannerism, check it out first, as beauty is used to grabbing attention, and is rather used to it. So, your delightful reaction may simply bear no reciprocation.Still there are many cases, when people really had fallen in love from the first sight and lived long and happily after that is rather it. You may dream of a beautiful stranger that waits for you just around the corner but it’s wrong to name every slight sympathy and interest to a person the love at first sight. Maybe you’re just a little tired of everything that surrounds you or trying to fill the emptiness inside, yet it doesn’t mean everyone who looks nice would do. Sometimes it takes patience and time to find out the true nature of your feelings, mind that wonders do happen but not as often as we would like them too. If you suddenly have felt the wings behind you back still try to keep your feet on the ground because if it’s really love at first sight nothing will happen to it but if you’re taking illusions for reality falling back on the ground can be really hurtful.

Modular kitchens

Bhupinder Kohli
Pampering the lady of the house with off the rack kitchens, is in vogue. Be it hot air blowing outside or a cool breeze, every women is much bothered about perspiring in the kitchen. “Whenever I get take a project in hand, the first and the foremost thing is to spend some time with my client at their present residence, especially, when they are busy cooking. This helps me understands their lifestyle,” explains Jatinder Kaur, an interior decorator. Replacing kadais with microwave, conventional chimney with electric ones and mixers with food processors; the scrupulously designed techno savvy modular kitchens have become a way of life. Years ago, every Indian home had a grinding stone. Now food processors and blenders can take their place in modern kitchens. Bake the potatoes, toast the bread and grill a sandwich — the microwave or oven, griller and toaster (OTG) are there to save in your time and serve you with well nourished food.Pre-fabricated in a varied range of materials, colours and finishes graciously fit the bill of fare to suit the modern kitchen. From the refrigerator, microwave to television, everything can be incorporated in a modular open kitchen. Shruti Verma, a city-based housewife says, “As contemporary open kitchens are in vogue, we have merged our lobby area with the kitchen. With the convenience and comfort of ready modules, one delights in cooking and maintains a consistency in décor that defines the personal statement of style. The electric chimney is powerful enough to blow out the smoke and manitain the room temperature.” The modular kitchen has placed the modern housewife and working woman on the threshold of hand convenience where all one needs to do is order for one and before you blink your eye the ready kitchen is fitted into your house. “The ready to install cabinets and even racks, to hide all your utensils and cutlery, have made the fitting of the kitchen easy,” Jatinder titters. Besides, the standardized units for floor and walls, deep units to accommodate electrical appliances and gas trolleys, and a range of accessories in the form of wire baskets, carousels, adjustable shelves and pull-out units are required. Whatever maybe the size and shape of your kitchen, adorn your main rock shelf with granite and marble. Wooden or fabricated plastic in dark colours with lamination for the cabinets and shutters ensure a long companionship.Advantages of a modular kitchen are• Optimum utilization of space• Adds to the elegance of decor. • More convenient for fast-track lifestyle, working women and bachelors. • Kitchen work/equipment/utensils get proper definition, role and place to function. • A modular kitchen takes care of things like exhaust hoods/chimneys which otherwise is ignored. • Replacement/repairs are easy.